Is it safe to buy Lexus on a classifieds portal?

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Lexus brand combines exclusivity and reliability, which is considered to be a unique combination of features in the car market. Usually the cars stand out either with one or another but not with both of the features. Even though more safety guarantees are provided in case a customer chooses to buy Lexus from the official dealer, it is also worth evaluating the option to buy Lexus on a classifieds portal. In this case, Lexus prices are much lower; however, that also means taking into account that the cars are used. There may be a few scratches on the shiny Lexus hood and some details might be damaged; therefore, a used Lexus certainly should be taken to a service mechanic before making the final decision.

The main risks associated with the purchase of a new Lexus are related to buyers' passive interest in obtaining more reliable information. By relying solely on what the seller says and without obtaining a professional evaluation, the buyer risks investing even more money than for a new Lexus. Another mistake is relying on the unwritten myth that the cars imported from abroad are somehow better. In both cases it ends up as a Latvian proverb says “wanted as better but it turned out as always” (something similar to what a Coldplay song means in the verse - “when you try your best but you don't succeed”).

As the creators of have convinced us, it is possible to buy Lexus safely also on a classifieds portal. However, it comes with a condition that a buyer complies with the necessary safety precautions. Therefore, the main aspect to buy Lexus safely is based on the buyer's awareness. Read next what you should pay attention to when looking for your new Lexus!

Lexus from abroad = ?

If a used Lexus has entered Latvian market, one should ask the question of why it hasn't been sold abroad in the seller's country. Unfortunately, sometimes it turns out that the cars imported from abroad have previously been involved in major crashes, been under water during floods or seriously damaged in some other ways. Sometimes it is even discovered that the sold car has been made by yelding together various crashed car models.

The already famous slogan “good used cars from Germany” should actually arise some suspicions. In order to sell Lexus successfully, the seller sometimes is ready to make up the most promising of fairy tales, making the buyer believe that the car was used, for example, by an old senior once a week to get to a nearby store. Meanwhile, the truth may be somewhat different: a car may have actually been used also by the senior's grandson that has driven on German highways every day.

It is safer to buy Lexus in Latvia and search it on a classifieds portal instead of ordering it from abroad directly from some German seller. Very often one of the most popular mechanisms of tricking the buyer is to require a prepayment. And when the buyer does not receive the previously ordered Lexus by the set date, it turns out that the seller cannot be reached but the deliverer's website has been deleted. For this reason it will be much safer to take a look at a Lexus from abroad that has been already imported to Latvia as before concluding a deal one can take it to the service mechanic for a checkup.

Famous traps when buying the 1st car

For those that purchase Lexus as their very first car, the used car market on the classifieds portal actually is the best choice. It should be taken into account that car driving skills get sharpened throughout a daily driving process and real car driving starts only after receiving the driver's licence.

During the first two years after completing the driving school courses, the new drivers are precisely the ones that manage to get involved and cause more traffic accidents than experienced drivers. That is why insurance expenses normally are higher for the new drivers. To damage a new exclusive Lexus would be especially painful, that is why it is recommended to choose a more modest model for the very start of the driver's journey.

Also, when buying a first car, car drivers very often do not calculate the overall expenses related to maintenance of the car. It is necessary to understand that the expenses do not limit to the initial Lexus price indicated on the classifieds portal. The overall expenses consist of petrol or charging costs, car maintenance, service and insurance payments for the mandatory OCTA and optional KASKO insurance. Also the annual car maintenance tax must be paid. And if a car has been bought with the help of a loan, one has to seriously consider the possibility of covering the monthly loan payments, taking into account that in addition to that, there may be a need for an unexpected service visit.

Troubles of a saver

The main reason why customers choose to buy Lexus in a used car market still is the price. According to the statistics of 2019, the majority of Latvians during this year had planned to spend no more than 10000 EUR for buying a new car. However, in order not to end up as a Latvian song says - what a saver saves, a thief takes away - not always it is wise to save as much as possible when trying to buy Lexus for a lower price.

The most important is not to save on service costs before concluding a deal. It is recommended to apply for car diagnostics and let a professional mechanic inspect it. During this checkup, a car gets connected to a computer programme that reflects specific damages in the form of codes. It enables a mechanic to predict how soon the first service visit will be needed and how long the good technical condition of the car will last. Even though diagnostics require additional investments, as a result one can evade much more significant financial losses if it was discovered only after the purchase that the car has some serious technical problems.

By omitting this test, it may result in adding the service costs to the initial Lexus price, and the repair costs sometimes even reach several thousand euros. It is especially unpleasant if you buy Lexus and then it must be taken to the service as often as at least once a month. In this case, the joy of having bought a new car soon turns into a nightmare and the money is lost.

Whom to buy Lexus from?

Among classifieds portals, is the one that provides the best platform to make sure of the seller's identity as each classified is linked to its publisher's website. Such a mini website or the so called seller's business card is made automatically for each registered user of the platform. Not only all the classifieds of the sellers can be found there, but also the contact and informative section as well as reviews added by other registered users. This approach promotes the transparency of deals, which enables the potential buyers to evaluate the reliability of the seller.

Before one decides to buy Lexus from a particular seller, it is important to make sure whether the car is registered in Latvia. In case it is registered outside the country, it can be purchased only from registered car traders. The information about the car's registration country can be found on CSDD (Road Traffic Safety Directorate) website. If a seller is an individual, one has to make sure whether he/she is also the owner of the car.

To avoid any unrealistic illusions about the true condition of the Lexus, it is recommended to demand the seller's promises also in a written form. Most cars are praised for being in perfect condition; however, only after the purchase some serious defects might be revealed. It will be much safer to buy Lexus in case the seller has added a written confirmation that the car has not been involved in major accidents and the odometer reading has not been changed. Such a document might turn out very useful if it turns out that the whole offer was a fraud.

It is also important to conclude a car purchase and sale agreement in which the car data and the specific name of the seller is indicated. And in case the Lexus is not registered in Latvia, it is important to remember that the car seller must be registered in Latvia, and that should be indicated also in the agreement.

To buy Lexus in the used car market goes hooray!

By acknowledging the risks, it is possible to buy Lexus with greater consciousness and evade the possible mistakes. Last year there were 43010 used cars registered in Latvia, besides about half of them were more than 11 years old. It clearly shows that buyers in Latvia prefer used cars. Lexus price is a significant criteria for many citizens of Latvia; therefore, to start a journey in the Lexus world with a used model is quite a common practice here.

To buy Lexus in the used car market may turn out to be a true challenge in order to find a car that is in perfect technical condition. But the democratic prices and much cheaper spare parts offer many benefits. True, a used Lexus does not come with a factory warranty, which means that future service costs must be paid out of one's own pocket. If things take a turn for the worse, a service visit may become a daily routine. But this risk can be certainly minimized if a client takes the car for diagnostics before its purchase.

It is especially encouraging to know that to buy Lexus has actually never been as safe on classifieds portals as it is now on the innovative market platform Car buyers gain a lot from sellers' websites and possibility to read reviews of other clients.

If you hope to buy Lexus in the used car market, is definitely the right place to start!